Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 has finally started and we're excited to see what the new year brings as we continue to work toward sustainability at Our Savior's Lutheran Church. As our Creation Care Team develops plans and strategies for the new year we wanted to share with you this message of hope from Matthew Sleeth, Executive Director of Blessed Earth, an educational nonprofit organization that inspires and equips Christians to become better stewards of the earth:

Faith, Hope, and Love in the Year Ahead.
New Year's Greetings from the Executive Director of Blessed Earth

Dear Blessed Earth friends and family, As we journey into a new year, I wanted to offer a word of encouragement. The world seems to be suffering hardship in every way -- creation groans, people are drowning in debt, and civil unrest abounds. It is easy to be depressed by the news we hear and wonder what difference, if any, we can make.

At times like these, we need to be reminded that we are called and equipped not only to keep going -- to "not tire of doing good" -- but to keep doing good with a spirit of hope. We long to inhabit the joy and loving-kindness our Christian faith generates and sustains.

In the wider world of environmentalism, there is a high level of pessimism and even outright negativity. But when Christians talk about "going green," they bring something unique to the discussion: hope. Not just hope for a better future in heaven, but hope for today through the power of God's Holy Spirit at work in His Church.

As believers in Christ, we are in the life business-life today, life tomorrow, and life for the year ahead. Combine faith, hope, and love, and things get done. Change happens (Matthew Sleeth, January 2012 Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 1).

Learn more about Blessed Earth and their work in creation care at www.blessedearth.org.