Monday, March 22, 2010

Climate Justice, A Lenten Journey of Discovery - Week 4

Climate Change and Development – An Action

This week has highlighted the ways that climate change is having devastating impacts on those in the world’s less industrialized nations. Yet as we learned in last Wednesday’s reflection, leaders around the world cannot agree on how to address this crisis. This has been the “climate challenge” for more than a decade and will remain the central focus of this issue in the near future – how do we get the world to agree on a unified response to climate change?

There are a number of small steps that each of us can take to help push this process forward. First, the U.S. must engage in the climate conversation in a helpful and meaningful way. Ideally, the U.S. would establish a comprehensive climate system that, over time, reduces our own carbon emissions. You can help make this a reality by signing our letter to the Senate. This letter calls for swift action that protects God’s people and God’s Creation.

Click here to read the letter and add your name.

Another way you can help is by giving your support to relief and development organizations that are helping communities and families around the world cope with the impacts of climate change while continuing to develop economically.

In Uganda, Lutheran World Relief works directly with Rosemary to support her and her community in their efforts to become more productive and successful farmers. This type of support helps people living in poverty around the world who are already dealing with drought, flooding, more severe storms and other climate change impacts.

You can take part in this important work by supporting the ELCA World Hunger program, which works with international partners including Lutheran World Relief and The Lutheran World Federation to address root causes of hunger and poverty, including climate change, through relief, development, education and advocacy. Take part in this important work by supporting ELCA World Hunger.

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