Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recycled Paper for the Future of the Planet

Have you noticed in your bulletins this past year that Our Savior's uses paper from sustainably managed forrests as well as recycled paper? Though you may have seen it printed you might still be wondering "what does that mean?"

The Sustainable Forrest Stewardship Council, whose seal can be found on the packaging ofthe paper filling the shelves in our church office, has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems, meaning the wood used to create our bulletins comes from forrests that are being managed in an environmentally responsible way.

Even better, we have recently been using more and more recycled paper - anywhere from 50% to 100% post-consumer content - meaning fewer trees have to be cut down to make it and less damage to God's creation.

Recycled paper does cost more in the catalog than non-recycled paper and that can deter people from choosing the recycled option. Even the sales rep from our supply company who sells us our paper commented one day when an order was placed, "You know, not many people order that recycled stuff. It's too expensive!" And then he asked the inevitable question, "So why are you buying the recycled paper?"

Why? Because it's the right thing to do. Because God never promised His way would be easy. But He did promise to be with us along the journey - and what an incredible journey it will be, the more and more we choose God's way over the easy way.

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